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Delivery & Return Conditions

Can I change the delivery address and recipient name of my order?

Check the status of your order from the ‘MY ORDERS’ tab in the ‘My ACCOUNT’ section on the main page.
If your order is in the status of ‘Your Order has been Received’ or ‘In the Procurement Phase’, you can do it in My Account >Order Detail > Update My Order Address field. Or you can send your request by contacting us at the ‘Connect to Live Help’ button located on the ‘HELP’ tab in the ‘My Account’ section.
If your order has the status of ‘Delivered to Cargo’, the buyer and/or the address change can only be made by the shipping companies. You can submit your request for changes by contacting us at the ‘Connect to Live Help’ button on the ‘HELP’ tab in the ‘My Account’ section.

When will my order arrive?

• The products you have purchased are delivered within the delivery date december specified on the product detail page. You can also find the delivery date of the purchased products in the “My Account” section on the “My Orders“ page.
• If the product has the inscription “In cargo in 24 hours”, your order will be delivered to the cargo within 24 hours. These products are “FAST DELIVERY” products.
• You will be notified by SMS by the cargo company when the order is delivered.
• After delivery, you can see the shipping stages of your order in the “My Account” section of the “Where is My Cargo“ tab in the “My Orders” section.” you can follow the link.

What should I pay attention to during delivery?

Always check your order with the cargo attendant.
• If there is damage to the cargo package or product, you can send the package back to the shipping company without receiving the delivery.
attach a “dAmage Detection Report” to that Cargo officer.
o if you decide not to take delivery of the cargo by checking the content and quantity after signing the cargo delivery receipt, get the return code with the easy return option from the order screen.
deliver that Product/box to the cargo officer along with this record and invoice and send it back to amore-coffees.com.
• For your orders in the category of electronics such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, which must be installed by the authorized service after receiving the product,;
if that package is opened without the authorized service information, the product will be excluded from the refund scope.
if a problem is detected during the installation of that authorized service, you can return the product with the authorized service report.
This information is contained in the boxes of products that require technical service installation.
If you have a problem while following the above steps, you can get support by contacting us in the “LIVE Help” field located at the bottom of our help page.
I would like to make a change of address if my order has been delivered to the cargo.
If your order has the status of “Delivered to Cargo”, the buyer and/or the address change can only be made by the cargo companies. You can submit your request for changes in two ways.

1. By contacting the cargo company to which the cargo was sent from the following numbers:
For AGT Call Center 0850 480 76 77
For Aras Cargo 444 25 52
For Ceva Logistics 0216 633 44 44
For Cock Logistics 0850 202 33 50
For MNG Shipping 444 06 06
For PTT Shipping 444 1 788
Express Shipping for 0850 202 02 02
Ups Shipping for 0850 255 00 66
For Domestic Shipping 444 99 99

2. By contacting us via the ”Connect to LIVE Help“ button located on the “HELP“ tab in the ”My Account” section.We forward your request for a change of address to cargo companies, but there may be times when they are busy when they cannot fulfill your request

My order arrived while I was away from my address.

• The cargo company leaves a note informing you that you can receive your package from your branch if you cannot be found at your address.

• if you do not receive your package from the specified branch within 3 days, your order will be returned to amore-coffees.com.

• if you want to resend the returned cargo to amore-coffees, you can contact us via the following channels.

* There is no delivery process from the branch at Rooster, Ceva companies.

Do you have delivery abroad?


Are deliveries made on public holidays?

* Cargo companies make home deliveries except Sundays.

Where’s my cargo?

When your order is delivered to the cargo “amore-coffees.com | Your order has been delivered to the cargo” and you will receive an information SMS from the cargo company.

After receiving this SMS and information message, you can track your cargo in 2 ways:
• From the ”Cargo Tracking” link contained in the information message
• Where is my cargo located in the “My ORDERS“ tab in the “My Account“ section?” from the link